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Guiding you to the best UK no deposit deals

What a time to be alive, as in 2017 gamblers have more choices than ever available to them, and they don’t even need to leave their own homes to take advantage of them. Real-world casinos have their own perks, but no informed individual would state that online casinos don’t have a lot going for them. The influx of gamers from all around the world means that online casinos will do whatever it takes to get your business; you don’t have to settle in this industry. The only thing you need to be aware of is that the deals you see being offered to new gamblers are never as straightforward as what their advertisements imply; no deposit bonus required deals are especially prone to this.

Gambling involves the risk of a lot of money, which makes it more than “just a game” for a lot of people. If you want to get your money’s worth, you need to arm yourself with the facts before you deposit your first pounds. is your guide to navigating the labyrinth that is the online casino industry. No deposit bonus UK deals are one of the most common bonuses out there, and yet many people do not understand them all that well; we aim to change that.

Getting up to speed

Claiming a no deposit bonus is actually quite easy – casinos want you to start spending money quickly, and oftentimes claiming that bonus is as easy as authenticating your account. By going through Slotssons, which is the UK’s biggest guide in online casino, you can easily find a free bonus no deposit by using their lists. What “gets” a lot of gamblers are the terms and conditions that come attached to the large majority of no deposit bonus offers. Each online casino introduces different rules that govern these no deposit UK bonuses, and not all of them are well understood by the average person. Worse, the online casino might bury them under mounds of legalese that make it nearly impossible to understand. Knowing what to look for is key to getting the right free spins no deposit 2017 bonus for you.

Common requirements for no deposit bonuses are account authentication and initial deposits. If you have to deposit cash, it’s usually a relatively token gesture – as little as a £1. Don’t expect to receive a lot of free spins off the bat, even if you do deposit cash for them. Casinos are a business, and giving away free things means that they cut into their profit margins. If you get a lot of bonus money for nothing down, be suspicious – they probably come loaded with all sorts of terms and conditions that are designed to cut into what you can win/have won. With that said, free spins and no deposit bonuses that require a large deposit are likely to be much more attractive. If you’re willing to plunk down the cash, they might be worth it.

Here at, our sole mission is to get you the very best no deposit bonus deals out there. We don’t want money or loyalty – we simply want gamblers everywhere to be well informed. Nobody likes to get burned by a bad deal, and the knowledge we collect on our website is designed to help you make the best decision possible regarding the bonuses that you choose to claim. The people on our team enjoy gambling and have been doing it for a long time, we will not lead you astray as you shop around for the best free spins and no deposit deals.

T&Cs to watch out for

The catch with every no deposit bonus deal you will ever see is that they come attached with strings. In some cases, they have enough strings to be controlled by a puppeteer. The terms and conditions that govern a free bonus deal are as varied as the casinos that offer them. These govern not only what you can use your free spins for, but how much money you can make from them and how much you have to gamble to claim your winnings. No deposit bonuses that require an initial deposit usually come attached with better terms, but nearly all casino bonuses possess a wagering requirement. Always check with before you start playing with a bonus, as they usually list out all the necessary info regarding T&C’s for the bonuses you find at UK casino sites.

The wagering requirement forces you to gamble a pre-determined multiple of your winnings in order to claim what you have won. If your bonus or free spins come attached with a 25x-wagering requirement and you win £10 from them, you’ll have to wager £250 just to claim them. Such requirements are fairly common, and not all casinos are forthcoming about the specifics on these. If the online casino doesn’t tell you the details up front, we certainly will.